The second condition to successfully create your business is a task that needs to be solved. The idea here is to satisfy the consumer first. Because a satisfied consumer will come back. Before starting any business. First identify the need you want to provide a solution for. Otherwise, your project will be ” M was born an orphan. The first argument advanced is that if you look first for the social indicators of. Your project then the financial ones will follow. As a vivid example, the Android operating system was developed by Google .

The second argument advanced

Originally, this system was only intended to facilitate communication. And today it is the best- selling mobile operating system.  is the desire to retain customers. If you hope to retain your customers, offer products and services that meet their needs, and whatsapp mobile number list increase sales in the long term? At the heart of productivity is customer satisfaction.  that the development of their business largely depends on their ability to satisfy customers. However, some are still hesitant to place customer satisfaction at the center of their strategy. Customer dissatisfaction is a real threat to business. A high level of dissatisfaction leads to the loss of customers , in the short or medium term.  to indirect costs associated with customer dissatisfaction.

This dissatisfaction also leads

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In particular, arising from the processing of claims and complaints. Conditions for successful creation of your business. Make a good business plan The third condition to successfully create your business is to draw up a business plan. I meant a good business B2B Lead plan. Why is a good business plan? Simply because it is an indispensable. Support for seeking financing from banks or external investors. This reassures creditors, proving the feasibility and financial and economic validity of the project. the importance of a business plan. The role of the business plan So you understand that a. Bad business plan will hurt you. In fact, the business plan will structure. The entrepreneur’s project and help him make decisions.