Produces more sparkle than vibration. Less water resistance, and cuts weeds better than other shapes.
Colorado: Produces more vibration than sparkle, making it more suitable for murky water. Due to its wide shape, it has a high water resistance and is suitable for slow sailing.
Indiana: This form is a combination of the two forms above. Hence it offers a combination of shine and vibrancy.
Silver and chrome colors are generally more suitable for clear water conditions and sunny days.

Meanwhile, gold and copper colors are more effective for cloudy water and cloudy days.

The colored fan is also a good choice when there is less light, where the light cannot be reflected by the color of the iron.

No it’s not the skirt that our mom wears when she sweeps the garbage

It is a tuft of wool attached to the mamsol.

That’s why this lure got the nickname “beard”

spinnerbait lure skirt
The importance of the skirt not only beautifies the Database spinnerbait, adds stability and adds attraction to the fish.

.. but it also plays a role in giving the lure a snag-proof advantage.

It works to protect the mamsul.

In general, choose a natural colored skirt when the water is clear, where visibility is high.

Use bright colors such as chartreuse and black when the water is dark.

Karauan Techniques for Styling Spinnerbait Lures
the effectiveness of spinnerbait lures
There are several tricks to using spinnerbait lures effectively.

Pay attention to the compatibility of the techniques mentioned below with the appropriate


1. Straight line
straight spinning spinnerbait technique

Just drive in a straight line at slow B2B Lead or moderate speed.

This method is effective for covering a large area in a short time.

2. Slow Rattle
slow spinning spinnerbait technique
This is my favorite method of presenting spinnerbait lures.

In the context of our country’s fish, haruan fish are not fast swimmers. It just waits for the victim to cross its territory.

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