There are always many opportunities that you can find from customer reviews. If you already have a store that is gaining a lot of traction, you may want to take the time to read some of your customer reviews. There may be mentions of trends or feedback that can give you ideas for the next product launch. (By the way, if you need some tips on how to launch a new product successfully, check out our post on How to Successfully Launch a Product On Shopee .)

If This Is Your First Time Running An Online Store

you can look up customer reviews about your target competitors. For example, if a competitor is selling a Lego set and in one of the customer reviews, someone says he or she is having trouble building a robot out of blocks alone, a good idea for a product is to manufacture a similar toy. to phone number list Lego blocks. But your version will be used to create unique objects for each package. For example, one for doll sets, dog sets, robot sets, and more. In each box there is also an instruction manual so one doesn’t have to build from scratch.

Reading customer reviews is especially useful if your intention is to create a brand that manufactures your own products or if you are planning to launch a new model for a current product.

6. Find Selling Opportunities  Through Keyword Research
Another great way to find products to sell is to do keyword research. That way, you’ll get a statistical perspective on what potential customers want to buy.

To Start Keyword Research


type a base word into the text box and then click search. The results will show you the most searched terms on Shopee along with search volume and a trending graph.

Note that you don’t need to limit your keyword research to the specific products you choose during your market research. The alternative is:

List the products you are interested in
Think of similar or complementary B2B Lead products in relation to the product of interest
Do keyword research based on complementary products
Compare the search volume and trends of your main and complementary products you choose.

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