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Some rules are too general brand tone) and it will be easier to put them in words. They can be collect, for example, at the end of the document in the form of additional cautions. A template to create a style guide for the site You can prepare a style guide yourself from scratch, use the help of experienc designers from an external company or choose a readymade solution.

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A tool that can make it easier to collect your own rules for a website in one document is a template for creating a style guide. Such Iran Mobile Database patterns can be easily found on the web, they are made available by the creators for free or for a fee. The template for the style guide can also be defin by yourself. Then you just ne to replenish it for each project.

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Preprepar templates are us, for example, by software houses and graphic agencies that help in creating such guidelines for a large B2B Lead number of clients. Website style guide summary A style guide is a set of rules (do’s and don’ts) relating to everything that an Internet user sees on a website page layout, its color, content, graphic elements or video. This document makes it easier to maintain consistency when developing the website, creating new subpages or landing pages.

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