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The tone of the content can be, for example, casual, serious, humorous or professional. If there are any brandspecific phrases in a CTA), there should also be a style guide. It is also worth remembering to list the prohibit phrases. Many companies have a list of phrases they do not want to use in their communication. They contain phrases such as “we guarantee”, “we promise”, “never” or “always.

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At this point in the style guide, it is also good to reinclude the detail formatting rules bullets, bold and italics. This time, so that the Turkey Mobile Database appli treatments could affect the way the reader perceives the content and tone of the brand. 7. Include additional cautions in the style guide Notes in a style guide can be in the form of recommendations (“do it like this”) or disclaimers (“don’t do it”). The latter are an important part of the ruleset document and may appear in any of the parts describ above.

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These are guidelines on what the website should NOT look like and how you must not use certain elements rotating the logo at B2B Lead an unusual angle, mixing colors incorrectly, or manually zooming in on content instead of using the right style). Asana’s style guide includes a section on illegal logo modification practices on the Internet Some prohibitions can be present in the form of pictures, thanks to which they will be easier to understand. However, not all of them can be present in this way.

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