Thanks to segmentation and collect information, we are able to personalize our message and send exactly the messages that the client expects, and thus increase his involvement. The tools that allow you to create campaigns bas on user behavior and RFM analysis are marketing automation systems under which we can, for example, create email marketing campaigns, web push notifications, use recommendation frames and a whole range of other automations. It is important to use the available tools and systems to help the client become our dream consumer. Equally important is the constant shifting of customers towards important and profitable segments, in line with our strategy.

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Thanks to this, they will start operating in the same mode and in accordance with the same microseasons and promotion periods as our store. When performing an RFM analysis, it is worth remembering to apply a filter of understanding the consumer and the industry so that the marketing activities we plan are not detach database from the specificity of our client and the environment in which we operate. Relat articles Ecommerce in Italy. , You will read in ~ min. Cover Are you planning to expand into a foreign market? We have prepar another infographic for you with a set of extremely interesting and useful data.


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This time we took a closer look at the ecommerce market in Italy. From our summary, you will learn, among others who are the customers of online stores, what are their and payment, as well as what the general  industry trends on the market look like. You can download the highquality B2B Lead infographic HERE Characteristics of the ecommerce client in Italy customer characteristics Italy is a country where the vast majority, as much as , use the Internet. Online shopping is done by of the population.

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