He can relate to the importance of customer retention. “Over the years, I have come across clients who only require a phone call every two weeks to customers who are purely price-driven in order to keep revenue flowing. The one big problem with customer retention, especially when you it’s about loyalty, it’s the level of creativity on the part of the agency. For example, if  Having both feet the client gets a little stale with the latest marketing initiative or even just the artwork, I’ll rotate creative team members.

For a small business

To beat customer churn, we continue to Email List excite them with new and innovative approaches.we ne to make sure that our team members are also enthusiastic while working on the client profile and demonstrate that they have a good feeling for the client’s industry.” James Crawford James Crawford James Crawford is the co-founder of DealDrop . “For a small business, calculating your churn rate can be relatively simple.

Target the right audience

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Simply divide the number of customers you’ve lost by the number Having both feet you had at the start of the month to find your monthly customer  B2B Lead  churn rate. Aim for something above that below 5% to start with.If it is above 10%, you ne to look at ways to ruce customer churn. Target the right audience. Do some research to find out exactly who your primary customers are, then base your targeting campaigns on this demographic.

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