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The elements describ in the style guide include: colors, typography, distances, icons, pictures, buttons, style graphics. In addition to the rules, you can also attach readymade elements to the style guide, such as fonts creat for the nes of the brand, logo and its variations, graphics, etc. Importance of style guide for websites There are many reasons why a company should develop.

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A style guide for its website. Having such a document allows you to: Maintaining consistency when developing the website and Malaysia Mobile Database building new landing pages a landing page is an independent page creat for the nes of a specific marketing campaign. However, it should refer to the brand’s communication style in other channels.

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In this case, the style guide is mainly us to create graphics and layouts for subsequent subpages to promote newer and newer B2B Lead products and services. Rucing the working time of the team involv in creating different parts of the site the style guide provides the same style information to each team member. This eliminates the ne for constant meetings and frequent revisions.

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