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The PM is the “face” during client meetings, planning the overall work and monitoring its overall progress. The tech lead, in turn, prepares the team technically, performs estimations and answers specializ questions How can we solve problem X? or How long can work on task Y take? ). The tech lead is aware of the project’s key functionalities, requirements and technologies us.

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At an early stage of working with the client , he reviews the code, analyzes potential threats, develops a list of recommendations India Mobile Database on what to do and creates technical documentation of the project that will serve the team throughout the process. he main purpose of the style guide, however, is to ensure that subsequent elements of the page are relat in style and easily.

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Recognizable as part of a specific brand site. In the style guide you can find the most basic guidelines for the appearance of a website. They B2B Lead explain how the brand should be present on the website. Such a set of rules and advice can be us not only by specialists involv in creating or managing a website. It is also useful for marketers and people preparing content for various communication channels.

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