On this web page, we can select complementary, monochromatic, analogous or triad colors, even starting from an initial one. A perfect tool to choose the secondary colors of your palette starting from the main color. If i were you i would not stop adding this page to your bookmarks. Khroma color tool 2. Khroma khroma is a color tool design for graphic designers. It has its own ai (artificial intelligence). We can search and save a large number of color combinations. When we register, it will ask us to choose a selection of 50 colors among hundrs of options present. After that, we will come across a new page with new color combinations bas on our previous selection.

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You will be able to see the color combinations as simple palettes, as gradients and even with fonts if you are looking to better assess the appli color. Coolhunt 3 color palettes. Color hunt color hunt is another free platform that has thousands of color palettes. If we ne it, we can also search for color palettes by a specific hue. And if you really like CANADA B2B List this tool, you can also download it as another google chrome extension. Thus, with each new tab, a different palette will be generat, to inspire us at all times! Color box tool 4. Color box color box is another open source tool that has been creat by the design department of lyft, an american startup.

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That has position itself as the most worrying competition for uber and traditional taxis. It has different functions and once again we can finish defining the hue, saturation and lightness of a color. 5. Coolors coolors is a web platform from where you B2B Lead can generate an infinite number of color palettes. It also has very advanc control over color. In addition, from to generate a new color palette with image tones. And you from which to observe other palettes creat by the rest of the users of the community. 6. Color code color code is a very interactive tool for selecting colors.

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