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Of course, it is important that we always study the scalability of the logo. Remember that a good logo must be reproducible at any size and adaptable to various formats. And we can’t forget about readability. Therefore if we make use of negative space, nor the legibility of the logo are affect. Here is an

In logo design finding the right solution

Figure and ground principle figure and ground principle according to gestalt theory negative space in logo design designing a logo that uses negative space correctly can help make it impactful, attention-grabbing, and more memorable. When done right, this space adds more depth and perspective to the brand’s logo. Negative space is most often appli to

The principle of figure and ground

Our minds match the visual stimuli we’re looking at with the familiar patterns stor in our memory to fill in the gaps. Here below we can see some examples that well represent the key idea of ‚Äč‚Äčreification. In each of these three figures, our mind builds new shapes in negative space. Reification principle of closure

Wants to reflect innovation and modernity

However, the readability that can be obtain with this type of font is somewhat poorer. They can convey a lack of care or disinterest in design. Therefore, think carefully when to use this type of font. A little common sense with typefaces mastering the personality of typefaces isn’t really a very confrontational duel. Just let

When designing branding identity

The highest weights or thicknesses are especially suitable for hitting from headlines. From the point of view of typographic psychology, sans serif typefaces evoke modernity, strength, dynamism, security, neutrality and simplicity. Through this typographic style, the message is deliver simply and directly. Among the best-known sans-serif font families we can find: arial, gotham, futura or

With the message we want to communicate

All fonts have their own personality and can evoke emotions. It is what is known as typographic psychology or personality of typography. Their shape and style directly affect how we perceive them. All this is closely relat to the psychology of form. For this reason, it is important that as graphic designers we know well

What is the downside of this typography

A typographic font with minimalist touches, elegant, neutral and easy to read. A possible perfect candidate for your logo. Best fonts for logos poppins font for logos google fonts free poppins font downloadable from google fonts 6. Eczar eczar is a great font for logos that can give your brand a strong personality. We are