Wrong fonts in addition to limiting ourselves

For example, we can write all our titles with capital letters. On the other hand, using them for text bodies makes it very difficult to read. Widows and orphans typography error 10. Do not remove the “orphans” or “widows” a very common typo in itorial graphic design. When it comes to body copy, one of the easiest typos to overlook can be not taking care of widows or orphans. In typographic jargon, those words or short lines that can appear above or below a text box, page or paragraph, when separat or isolat from their context, are call orphans or widows. When we have to layout long texts and we come across one of these lost phrases, we will ne to correct.

Which typeface helps us to best

The error to avoid creating large pieces of white space, interrupting the natural reading of the text. To correct it, then adjust the length of the lines or make use (with your head) of tracking or interlettering. Typographic personality typography error 11. Ignoring the personality of fonts all fonts can evoke emotions in us. Therefore, we must Bolivia Mobile Database look for convey our message. We must never put aside the psychology of typography or typographic psychology, since the font we use will also say a lot about our design. We must ensure that the style of our fonts corresponds to the content. Fonts can have different personalities. They can be cheerful, serious, informal, elegant, etc.

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The purpose of your design

If the personality of the typeface doesn’t support, we can create a visual disconnect and confuse our audience. Mainly, to avoid this error we must use our common sense. For example, an invitation to a company event will ne a serious and B2B Lead formal typeface. On the other hand, an invitation for a children’s birthday is better suit to a cheerful, close and fun typeface. Combining fonts typographical errors 12. Combining in the use of fonts, it is important that we always choose fonts that combine harmoniously. If two fonts don’t mix correctly, we will distract the viewer and take attention away from the content.

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