We understand that any infection that affects the brain and its neurons affects the auditory or visual analyzers just like any injury, tumor or surgical intervention. Interestingly, there is a long list of medications that can affect the sense of smell. of smell. It usually manifests during pregnancy, when many women notice a distorted perception of odors. In this case, it is not a disease, but a normal physiological state of the body. Perhaps this is due to the hormonal system, since it also affects neurons. People with anemia can also experience changes in their sense of taste and smell.

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Hemoglobin in the blood (especially in the case of iron deficiency anemia). Side effects of underlying disease. It’s not that scary, and it can pass over time, so it’s Comoros Email List not of much research interest. However, since millions of people are facing this problem, it is likely that in the next few years, scientists will have to study the mechanisms by which it occurs and the methods of struggle. Why have dyssmia and anosmia become common in In fact, coronaviruses multiply in the upper respiratory tract, including in the nasal mucosa, where receptors are sensitive to olfactory stimuli.

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The coronavirus is neurotropice. it affects the central nevous system and is able to infect neurons. Currently, the research is not strong enough to be sure. But there is evidence that not only mucous membranes but also B2b Lead olfactory neurons in the brain are affected. When trying to find information about this problem, people are faced with an entirely different truth: So far, there have been no solid studies or proven treatments for the causes of dyssmia, and it’s unclear whether it’s possible at all. At the same time, an abnormal sense of smell is a serious inconvenience for many. The distorted smell makes food and even.

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