Learn moreWhich direction to choose? Of course, the choice depends on what you want to do in the future. Industry is developing at lightning spe, new technologies and specializations are emerging, and universities are struggling to keep pace with them by creating new areas of study. You can choose from the following areas: Information Technology Appli C Bioinformatics Computer Science and Information Systems Cyber ​​Security Study and Note Taking When choosing a specialization for a particular field of study, things get more complicat.

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The choices here are huge web, database, software engineering, testers, game and mobile app development, development and many more. If you are fac Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List with the choice of university and field of study, make sure to check the specialization you have to choose and follow the study plan. It will definitely help you make the right decision. When choosing a field of study, you should be primarily guid by your own interests. It is definitely easier to acquire knowlge and develop in fields we are passionate about. If you have not made a detail plan for yourself and want to develop in the field, then it is better to analyze the income and demand for specialists in a particular field.

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Choosing a major that is most desirable to an employer B2b Lead will certainly increase your chances in the labor market. How to enter school?, the results of the examinations and the grades obtain in individual subjects are decisive here.  and program you would like to continue your ucation, be sure to check which subjects are consider during the recruitment process. In most majors, these will be computer science and mathematics, and often physics and foreign languages.

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