And signal to instagram that you are taking advantage of all its features. Timing instagram operates in real time because the platform has millions of visitors every minute of the day. So timing is everything. If you have a business profile. It’s easy to monitor analytics to calculate the timing that works best for you. By studying instagram analytics. You will be able to know the geographical location of your followers and the sequential number of “Likes”. Views and engagement with the publish content. Once you understand these logistics. You can strategically post your products or services when the majority of your followers are online.

We Can Observe That Both Mass-market and High-fashion

The most important thing to remember when it comes to the algorithm and your own mia strategy for instagram is that engagement is everything . How users respond to your content really determines who else sees it. So you ne to put yourself in their shoes. And prict what your followers want to see before posting. Summer. As we know. Is synonymous with catchphrases. Light and catchy songs that keep company in the warmest and funniest months of the year. Someone passes and someone remains in time. This year the 2020 summer hit goes hand in b2b leads  hand with advertising. A very successful beauty product placement that has turn the rules of the game upside down .

Brands in the West Have Increased Their

Everyone talks about it. Everyone knows the brand and everyone. At least out of curiosity. Has view the video on youtube. Even if it is not the official video of the brand. The combination of all these elements has guarante exponential awareness for the campaign. We are B2B Lead  obviously talking about the song “Non mi basta più” by baby k in which the special guest is the influencer chiara ferragni . Both testimonials of the new pantene campaign #indossaituoicapelli . The song is not only the soundtrack of the commercial but explicitly names the pantene brand in the lyrics and the official video of baby k.

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