The client to define the brand and prepare

We are talking more about complementary steps. Steps 1, 2 and 3 will ne to be done before the design process, while the last two will test the proposals made after the third step. Let’s go with it. 1. Sit down with the client (interview phase) to create logos it is important that we always start with the first interview phase, where we will sit down with a briefing. Graphic designers help our clients find the best solution for their problem. To better perform our profession it is important that we establish a close and trusting relationship with our client.

The logo design should try to coordinate

In the first step to creating logos, a physical interview is ideal, or at least it was until 2020. If you are not in the same city, or do not have the means to physically sit down with your client, you can also choose to have a videocall. In this first phase of Croatia B2B List the interview we will ne to listen, observe, learn, gather, understand, and even interpret the company through our client. We ne to get an objective point of view of the context and their nes. Reflect and value what makes that brand unique. A well-defin brand will help attract potential customers. When creating logos, not only with the values ​​of the company, but also.

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With the values ​​that they have in common with their audience. In this interview phase it is also important that we work with the client on a list of concepts or keywords that help us describe the brand. This list can be us as a starting point for B2B Lead designing the logo. To finish closing the briefing and that list of keywords or concepts representative of the brand, questions. They will help us to know how the client interprets the brand in his head, to approach the problem from a more objective point of view.

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