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It is important that each of the design proposals submitt is always display under the same type of applications, to grant the same opportunities to all the logos includ in the proposal. Add applications that show the versatility of our designs. How they are reproducible in different printing formats or materials. It is the opportunity to justify that your logo proposal works. Try to put it in white, black, in different sizes or on different applications and backgrounds. At the same time, this exercise can be very practical for us. It will help us to study of our proposals may have and to correct the errors that we come across.

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How to deal with a problematic client when presenting a brand after presenting a brand, we must assess the possibility that no matter how much we deliver excellent work, the client is not convinc or cannot abstract from his subjective opinions. What Italy B2B List reasons can cause the client to reject the proposal when presenting a brand? This situation happens more frequently than we would like and can occur basically for two reasons: a. The simplicity of the logo some people may find it difficult to understand that such a simple solution may require an extensive process of hours of work to find with her.

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Others will not conceive that a simple shape is the best solution for them and will seek to add more detail, more color, more shape, etc., making it difficult for the logo to be understood, legible or functional. B. Familiarity and lack of empathy logos B2B Lead work precisely because of familiarity with the company. If you ask someone to give you an example of a good logo, they will surely answer you with brands like nike, apple or cocacola. They will never cite a company but with which they are not familiar or with which they have no affinity. This happens because it is difficult to separate from what we think of the logo.

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