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Study, for example, if the name is written in several fonts, if the color palette does not match, if there are bad applications, if the current logo is not correctly scalable and is unreadable in small formats, etc. With this section we seek that clients can experience the real problems and limitations that their current logo has. 4. Objective and strategy it once again makes clear the objective to be achiev with this proposal and the strategy that has been follow to find the solution. The objective had to have been made clear in the first phase of the interview, where you sat down a clear briefing of their nes.

The presentation is not arbitrary

Take advantage of this section to tell the client how you have address the problem to design the logo. For example, you can establish personality nuances so that the client better understands what is includ in the presentation. To present a brand you Austria B2B List must reflect how the final logo should be at the level of character and personality, which audience we seek to impact, etc. Thanks to this section, we will show the client that everything we expose in, but something thought out and work on. It’s all part of the strategy we’ve work on. After this point, the client will be ready to show you your proposals.

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The logo will have to be appli

Hopefully we will have contribut to creating a more critical and objective scenario in his head. Apps mockups business cards vanacco.com 5. The applications a section with special importance in the process of presenting a trademark. In order for B2B Lead both us and clients to judge the effectiveness of our design proposals, we will ne to see the logos in context. We will achieve this thanks to applications and mockups. With each client the applications may vary. If we are talking about a financial client, to posters, an app, perhaps stationery, business cards, etc. If we are talking about a store, then perhaps a sign on the door, a price tag, etc.

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