In 2000, more than links entered the Unified Register of Prohibited Websites. About one of them has been deleted by the resource owner or blocked by the telecom operator, the department explained. According to (identified as a foreign agent), entered about, links into the register of banned sites and blocked about of them. pages on it. It is estimated that among the blocked resources, there is a website that publishes content related to events in Ukraine. On 1/3/2019, Russian media were ordered to use only official Russian sources when reporting on military operations in Ukraine. (identified as foreign agent media), , (identified as foreign agent and bad organization), and many other Russian media were blocked.

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Information on the course of hostilities Inaccurate socially Colombia Email Address meaningful information to explain this. The March 1 blockade, and , began to slow down the pace of work due to the dissemination of unreliable socially important information on the subject of special military operations in Ukraine. A year ago, on 1/2/2019, the agency was already slowing down work on the social network. At the time, the explanation for the move was that Twitter refused to remove illegal content.

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Work were lifted after the social network’s moderators removed more than prohibited messages. On 12th, restricted access to (reduced traffic). The agency cited the social network’s censorship of Russian media, including state-run outlets, as the reason. On May 1, the U.S. company that owns the United States and Internet Security temporarily B2b Lead allowed users from several countries to post calls for violence against Russian military personnel participating in special military operations in Ukraine, as well as the leaders of Russia and Belarus. On the same day, China and the Prosecutor General’s Office demanded.

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