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Are you wondering which criterion is most important when combining typefaces in the newspapers, magazines or web pages you consult most often? Go ahead and take 5 minutes to calmly review the options they chose. On the other hand, getting into the habit of seeing which options are us when you see more than two fonts at the same time will help train your eyes. You become aware of what works and what doesn’t without being conscious. Combining serif fonts with sans serif fonts, for example, might be a good starting point, especially if they have enough contrast.

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Tips you can follow when combining fonts in graphic design. 1. Ensuring Contrast When it comes to combining fonts, the general rule of thumb is that they should be complementary but not identical. If we ne to combine two fonts or use fonts for Bulk SMS Hong Kong different purposes (such as headings and paragraphs), it is very important to evaluate whether the two fonts have enough contrast. If two different fonts are very similar and don’t have enough contrast, don’t mix them. because? Well, because if we group together different fonts that are visually very similar, they become visually indistinguishable, and it becomes difficult for us to build visual hierarchy.

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Much sense for us to pair two sans serifs, especially if they don’t have enough contrast, don’t you think? Contrast can be achiev in many ways, through style, size, thickness, color, etc., but remember that when combining typefaces we are looking for B2B Lead harmony, whether complementary or contrasting. 2. Respect for Visual Hierarchy Thanks to the visual hierarchy, we manage to guide the viewer’s eye, clarifying what is most and least important in our work. So when we were looking for typefaces to combine, we ne to find fonts that would create visual separation between the different hierarchical levels.

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