It must have been chosen previously

Request a well-develop briefing and if you want to give your monogram more meaning, help yourself with the psychology of shape, color or typographic psychology. And remember, in addition to these 7 tips, ideally your monogram should also have the 7 characteristics of a good logo mention above. In the end, the purpose of the

To guarantee their legibility in small sizes

Balance and balance letters and monograms 5. Watch the order of characters in monograms. Pay close attention to the reading order. The composition that we work on must guarantee the reading of the characters in the correct order. Here we can make use of the visual hierarchy or location, considering that we read from left

That want to evoke some of these concepts

Remember, the monogram cannot be our only consideration, but rather a solution for the corporate identity that we have arriv at after the result of an investigation. As we have just seen, they can be quite effective to express or evoke some concepts such as history, tradition, luxury or craftsmanship, so they can be a

The monogram of the volkswagen automobile

This is how they began to include the initials of their names to their properties. The system was evolving going on to be adopt by companies, to give rise to the commercial panorama that we know today. Ancient greek coins with monograms ancient greek coins with monograms monograms have been in use for centuries. To

We seek to generate emphasis on a specific

Space in the visual hierarchy now, thanks to space, we can make use of the proximity principle, one of the 6 design principles and law of the gestalt theory, which every graphic designer should know… But, do you remember what the main idea that this principle exposes? Well, it exposes that the viewer’s gaze will

The typographic font and its contrast

Three levels of typographic hierarchy the font on the other hand we should also address the font. I’m talking about the look of the typography, and how it contrasts with the rest of the content. Although the typographic hierarchy helps us to organize our composition and clarify the reading order, the choice of the font