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On the other hand, a bad choice can weigh on our composition and contribute to visually disconnect our viewer. What is a color palette? A color palette is a set of colors. Or of different shades, which have been harmoniously select to be us under a common objective. Like an illustration, a graphic composition or even a web page. We are talking about one of the most basic tools of graphic design. We develop a palette seeking to generate a specific sensation. Within a color palette, they all blend together, they work well together. Keep in mind, where we would include all known colors, or only a small selection of colors.

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I have develop this article only for a small palette, which works as a certain selection of colors. In graphic design we make use of palettes to reserve a set of shades or colors chosen to compose compositions or visual identities. Uses of color when we Bulk SMS Portugal talk about color in corporate identity, we ne to understand that color must be link to a main objective. Color is not chosen solely to fulfill an aesthetic value. Remember, the colors that palette must be attractive to our target audience. For example, pastel tones or brighter colors are often associat with a younger audience and are taken as more positive colors.

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On the other hand, the more opaque or darker colors can be relat to a more adult audience and are perceiv as sadder colors. In addition, intentionality must be taken into account, since selecting colors for a communication from a bank is not B2B Lead the same as it is for a music festival, for example. There are also some factors that we must keep in mind our color palette. For example, how light falls on each of the colors or even the materials on which they are going to be print.

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