It must have been chosen previously

Request a well-develop briefing and if you want to give your monogram more meaning, help yourself with the psychology of shape, color or typographic psychology. And remember, in addition to these 7 tips, ideally your monogram should also have the 7 characteristics of a good logo mention above. In the end, the purpose of the monogram is to identify the brand, the person or even the country thanks to a graphic that effectively represents them. And if you want to see more, here are a few examples of monograms that i think are worth knowing. Using a certain color palette can differentiate an inexperienc designer from a professional graphic designer.

The color with a clear intention

We know that the human eye is capable of distinguishing approximately 1,000 colors. So it’s understandable that choosing colors for our project can be somewhat intimidating, but don’t let this get to you! Choosing the colors correctly can be decisive in our graphic piece or in the visual identity that we are developing. Remember, you should Saudi Bulk SMS always choose them thoughtfully, never arbitrarily. For a color palette to work, with an intention in mind. There’s nothing like color to bring your work to life. Choose, of your design. In this article i’m going to go over everything you ne to know to develop a color palette, either for a personal project or for a client.

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That sets the tone and communication

Color is the sensation we get by observing, thanks to the organic sensors in our eyes, how light rays bounce off the surfaces of objects. In any B2B Lead case, there is no ne to get so technical. The thing to remember is that color has 3 properties: hue (hue), saturation, and lightness (brightness). Color is a key visual element of graphic design. A correct choice of color can help us generate emphasis, achieve contrast, gain harmony and attract attention. In short, to strengthen communication. We can even make use of color to provoke emotions.

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