The typographic font and its contrast

Three levels of typographic hierarchy the font on the other hand we should also address the font. I’m talking about the look of the typography, and how it contrasts with the rest of the content. Although the typographic hierarchy helps us to organize our composition and clarify the reading order, the choice of the font will contribute to the style that our composition will breathe, to its typographic personality and to achieve that contrast with the rest of the elements. Also influences the graphic hierarchy. We can combine different fonts, help us with interletter or line spacing, or we can also make use of other qualities such as size, or typographic variables of thickness or weight.

We will not always ne to use different

For those who don’t know, typographic variables are the different options that we can find within the same font family. Modifications of the morphology of the typography. They act on the thickness of the stroke, the width or proportion of the character and the inclination of the vertical axis of the characters of the same font family. Example of weight Bulk SMS Russia typographic variable and for this reason, thanks to typographic variables fonts to achieve a correct visual hierarchy. We will help each other from the same font family. I have already mention it in one of my previous videos or articles, but reviewing the written press and magazines is a great exercise to study how to apply a correct hierarchy, training the eye a bit.

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With the greatest size and contrast

When looking at the written press we are going to notice many elements that compete for the attention of the readers. We will come across very original and ingenious examples from the itors. Check for yourself that there is enough visual contrast between B2B Lead headlines, subheadings and paragraph texts, and that the most important elements are the ones. The space the space is an essential visual element to guarantee the order and the reading of any composition. And it is that giving space around an element will help it always attract attention and place it hierarchically above the rest of the elements.

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