Therefore, Lauren Vesper point out in the monograph “The Psychology of Compassion”: The goal of compassion is understanding, and the goal of compassion is the happiness of others. She wrote below: Empathy is a way of knowing, sympathy is a way of connecting. In 2010, scientists at Goldsmiths University in London conclud that only 100% of the world’s population has the capacity for empathy. During the course of their research, they discover that empaths have hypersensitive mirror neurons.

The emotions of other people respond

It is these brain cells that are responsible for generating feelings like compassion and love. How an empath is different from a highly sensitive person Ecuador Email List The term highly sensitive person was coin not so long ago, psychologists and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapists point out. It denotes a person who reacts very emotionally to external circumstances or to events in his own inner life. The difference is that empathy recognizes vividly to what is going on. They wallow in their feelings. So a highly sensitive person is not always an empathetic person, and an empathetic person doesn’t always respond positively to what’s going on in his life. How do people become empaths.

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When the parent sympathizes with the child

A study by American psychologist Carl Ransom Rogers show that empathy is form through childhood experiences. So if a person in childhood: I felt B2b Lead empathy from people around him, then he is more likely to have empathy. , getting into his place, he helps to develop empathy in the child’s character. He liv in an environment where he was taught to understand and be aware of his emotions. It is important for children to learn to control their emotions. Parents can help with this by patiently clarifying the conversation. If Mom leaves the house and says: Don’t cry.

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