The researchers didn’t take into account the cost of blocking the sites because, according to them, it couldn’t be calculated. Samuel Woodham, a digital rights researcher and author of the study, explained to CNBC: ” impact. However, due to the different nature of blocked websites, this cannot be calculated. Most of the blocked resources were news services, content related to military operations, and the websites of human rights organizations. This is unlikely to have the same impact on the Russian economy as a blockade of social networks that support local businesses, boost advertising revenue and allow companies to communicate with customers. As considered.

The researchers calculated the economic

Losses of shutting down and blocking social networks using . The tool uses data from the World Bank, International Telecommunication Union, Eurostat, and Croatia Email List the U.S. Census Bureau to estimate the economic impact of internet outages and blocked access to services and applications. Financial losses are calculated using the Brookings Institution method. The social media blockade is estimated to have cost the Russian economy $100 million. This loss is much higher than in countries like Iran and Myanmar, where more resources are blocked and the internet is completely shut down during mass protests.

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We asked the authors of the study and head of

The Blockchain B2b Lead and Fintech Lab at the Skolkovo School of Management to explain the reasons for Russia‚Äôs losses. According to them, the digital economy of Russia ranks much higher than the economies of other countries. Therefore, the influence of blocking large social networks such as Facebook and Twitter is even stronger. Digital rights researcher and author of the study told: “The economic impact of shutting down the internet depends largely on the size of a country’s digital economy and the number of people online. Because Russia’s digital economy is significantly larger than Iran’s or Myanmar.

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