Block on 19, 2009, the Moscow Tverskoy Court determin the activities of personal and social networks to be extremist and bann them in Russia. The comment stat: Since the beginning of the special military operation, social networks own by Western companies have become one of the key platforms for information warfare against our country, purposefully disseminating threats to Russian citizens, as well as a large number of fakes, censoring Russian users, organizing content, and implies a large amount of information. According to available information, this work was prepar and financ in advance by unfriendly countries. In this regard, foreign social networks are block in Russia.

Some services independently decid

To terminate commercial activities in Russia. As a result, the video host refuses to monetize the content and actively advertises it, and the social network bans Cuba Email List Russian users from posting content. that do not comply with Russian law is not determin by commercial interests. It is bas on the political interests of the country where the company is headquarter. Why it is still block According to, in addition to the mia reporting on events in Ukraine, also block: sites publishing personal data of Russians leak to the network.

Country Email List

Services materials leaking officials’ information

Articles about bribery; sites dicat to cryptocurrencies. Secure email services B2b Lead websites selling sanction products; anime, songs, lyrics, and clips; links to material from organizations deem undesirable or extremist in Russia; topics-relat links. Vladimir Putin sign a decree banning propaganda and gender reassignment. Over a month later, it was report that it was block Multiple advertis sites. Since the internet in Russia was not shut down or slow. Down in 2010 (if that doesn’t apply to social networks. The $100 million damage only includes blocking social networks.

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